Monday, September 10, 2007

Team set for Fall 07

Hi all,

Over the summer, Todd and Dan got most of the infrastructure set up on Neo-Dante. We are also starting work on a possible NEH grant proposal - using the current ND site as a 'proof of concept.'

Info about the project - including a video and a SURL is online at:

The Fall team, (so far) is:

Todd Behrens - Ezio Rosca
Dan LaBrecque - PSUDan
Ben Hammel - Doodle Fadoodle
Danielle Booth - Ellie Ren
Brian Bunting - Hankfu Kungfu
Pat Mitchel - Achli Dryke
Gerry Santoro - Tarkus Octagon

and of course our build-bots:

buildbot1 flow and buildbot2 flow

We may shoot for a team meeting this Friday after the Faculty meeting.

- gerry

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