Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Assignments and meeting this week

Hi all,

This just a short note to say that there will not be a physical meeting this week.

Instead - I will make a posting here Friday morning (posted by noon) that will
summarize the current assignments for everyone as I understand them. (Gives
you a change to correct anything, update anything, etc.)

Given the number of folks on the team (and perhaps one or two more
to add) -- I feel this will be the easiuest way to keep everything
from driving me crazy. (:-)

So - please post here any of the following:

- progress you have made (esp. folks doing an IS)
- when you use (and release) the buildbots
- any problems you may have enocuntered or probs you
see with ND, the infrastructure, SL, etc.
- links to any news or good articles oyu may have found related to SL
- meeting requests

I will have another posting Friday by noon.

cheers - gerry

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