Monday, October 8, 2007

Need to trim prims

Hi all,

This is mainly for Todd and Dan ...

We need to try to reduce the number of prims we are using as
we are getting dangerously close to the 13000 prim limit
for the island. According to Bart we are using about 7000
prims already. I figure we will need another 1000 or so
for the content objects.

I am hoping that there are a lot of little, or hidden, items that
could be used to reduce the prim count?

Worse comes to worse, I offered to lose the stadium
to free up room for a networking research project that
has been committed for the island. We won't actually
lose it - it can be put into inventory and used later if
needed. It was a great idea but there may not be any other way
around it.

My preference then is to take the prims from places
where they won't be missed so we have them available for our info

- gerry

- gerry

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